The Most Important Personal Growth Lesson to Remember Every Day

The Most Important Personal Growth Fundamental to Remember Each Day

When chasing big goals, stretching, and striving you have to try new things you have to let go of the old and embrace the new.

But in this process of opening yourself up to new thoughts and experiences, it’s easy to forget the fundamentals.

And as any master will tell you — success comes from consistent use of the fundamentals.

Michael Jordan, a master of basketball once said…

“Winners don’t just learn the fundamentals, the master the. You have to monitor your fundamentals constantly because the only thing that changes will be your attention to them.”

It’s probably no surprise that he is one of, if not the most decorated NBA player of all time.

This is due in part, to what another master once said…

“If one is a master of one thing and understands one thing well, one has at the same time, insight into and understanding of many things.” Vincent Van Gogh

The reason masters become masters, and winners win, is because they not only master the fundamentals, but they remember their importance—even in the midst of growth and change.

That’s what gets them to the top and keeps them at the top of their domains.

But there is one fundamental so fundamental that many overlook it, underestimate its importance and forget it.

And it’s the reason they experience nearly all of the challenges they face.

The Most Important Fundamental to Remember

It’s not always about learning…

More often than not it’s about remembering what you forgot.

Especially, when you are striving for new experiences and personal growth. When you try to change your world, you will naturally change your thoughts, but this doesn’t always result in improvement.

Forgetting the basics means losing your footing.

The most basic assumption of all, is also the most powerful. And something you should consciously endeavor to remind yourself of every day.

Seeking to grok its importance…

Realizing that anytime you forget this and don’t feel this, you’re getting less than you could be and you’re operating below your potential.

And that thing is…

You Create Your Own Life

That is, your experience of life. And what types of experiences you get.

It’s not that you are the center of the universe, or even a big part of it. Many inflate this line of thinking take the shape of their ego and fall in line with their particular brand of neurosis and neuroticism. Which is why many with good intentions and level heads dismiss this line of thinking.

But don’t throw out the empowering truth with the toxic frame.

You create your own universe.

What you get is your fault.

How you interpret events is in your control.

What you experience, that is the types of experiences which come your way are your creation.

In one way, you create them consciously or unconsciously, by what you choose or are conditioning to see, believe and perceive.

But in another, which many forget, you create them by who you are.

It’s easy to assume that if you aren’t talking, or acting you aren’t affecting anyone or anything, therefore what goes on behind closed doors, or between your ears is of no consequence. So there’s no problem in indulging in any disempowering thoughts or behaviors.

But just because you don’t realize you thinking has an effect, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t.

And this is because of the simplest, most fundamental, and universal rule of the natural world — which you are a part of. And that rule is…

The Universal Rule: everything is connected.

Everything in the universe is made of the same matter, same energy, comes from the same place, and subject to the same laws. There is no escaping them.

Which becomes a tremendous source of empowerment, when you remember that you can use them to your advantage. And the most important rule to remember is that everything is connected.

It’s easy to feel this way at times, like when you make a meaningful connection with another. When someone else sees you as you are and you see someone else. Or when you experience a piece of art like a movie, book, or song and it moves something inside you.

But because these types of experiences are so profound when they happen, it’s easy to fall into the trap of forgetting this intrinsic connection when you aren’t being moved by it.

Which is a cardinal sin in my book, because that’s when you forget that this connection moves both ways — it’s a two-way street. And you move others through this inherent connection, same as they move you.

And this connection is not a switch you can toggle on and off, it’s always on.

Which is both good and bad.

Good, in that if you are getting experiences you don’t like, that means there is something you can do now, within your control at all times, which will 100% influence the types of experiences you get next.

But it’s bad, when you forget this and let your default thoughts create your reality.

And your default thoughts are certainly not your most empowering ones.

The Shift From Passenger to Creator: Going Beyond The Default Mode

It would be common for every person to live an extraordinary life of their own design, if it were their natural bias to think only empowering and positive thoughts. But this is far from the truth.

The truth is, it’s far easier to think about what you don’t want to happen than it is to think about what you do want to happen.

This is because of the brain’s inherent negativity bias, at certain levels of consciousness, where the brain prioritizes threats, dangers above all other inputs. This is done in an effort to keep you alive, but the result is:

- negative self-talk

- incessant worrying

- rumination on negative thoughts

Which means thanks to your inherent connection to all other things, this sort of stuff you’re trying to avoid is exactly what you’re going to get.

Many people are simply passengers in their own life, being taken along for the ride of their default thought patterns and simply dealing with whatever gets sent their way. This is no way to live.

You are naturally the creator of your own life and experiences, so embrace is. Take responsibility for your thoughts. Recognize the inherent connection you, and every expression you make — silent and spoken — has on the world around you and the experiences you attract into your life. And embrace your true creator nature.

This is easier said than done, but it is possible.

And in fact, with deliberate intention and repetition, you can reprogram this negativity bias — once you teach your brain that positive thoughts are more likely to not only keep you alive, than negative ones.

Until you prove to your brain that this is possible, you’ll continue to live in a negative thought spiral.

But once you do, your brain will finally become your ally and most important tool in creating your own universe.

To help you put this into action and kickstart this shift, here are three crucial tips for stepping up as the creator in your own universe.

Here are Three Tips to Help Your Remember You Create Your Own Life:

Tip #1: What you think—you get.

Due to the default mode of focusing on what could go wrong what you have to do is first, remember what you think is what you get.

Don’t think or say anything you don’t want to experience more of.

And second, bring some objectivity to your thoughts as much as possible.

It’s a semi-unnatural line of thinking, but imagine if your could count all the thoughts you had for a day. If there was some sort of cosmic record keeper, like a scribe, or stenographer, who marks down every thought you have and categorizes them as empowering or disempowering.

Who simple looks at the quality and nature of your thoughts and looks at them objectively. If they see that you spent 80% of your time thinking of ways things go wrong, wouldn’t it make sense that that’s what you get next?

On paper, it would certainly look like you were insisting for your worries to become realities.

Now, you can use this same line of thinking to help you change your patterns and shift from passenger to creator. Simply by bringing more objectivity to your thoughts, both in public and private.

This can be done by noting every time you have a disempowering thought in a notebook with a tally, to bring more awareness to what you’re unconscious thought patterns are.

Or even by forcing yourself to have the kinds of empowering thoughts, which lead to the results you want to have, by writing them down in this notebook — preferably each morning.

This helps at least guarantee that you spend some of your time telling your brain what you want to get and consciously attracting what you desire. Because otherwise, this isn’t guaranteed and in fact unlikely to happen unless you do.

Then, simply repeat these things.

The more you do them, the more you will retain your default patterns and that percentage split between positive and negative, empowering and disempowering, wants and fears will start to shift — and with it every facet of your life.

Plus, when you do this earlier in the day, it can frame your thoughts and behavior for the whole day. Same was when you have a bad day, everything is bad, when you do this earlier in the day, it tints and flavors everything that follows. And sets you train of thought which you can carry with you throughout your whole day — dramatically shifting the quality of nearly all your thgouths for the rest of the day.

And if you ever start attracting far more negative experiences than usual, simply bring more objectivity back to your thoughts again by writing them down. Your self-awareness is inherently limited, but it’s hard to deny negative thoughts you’re having when you force yourself to stop and write them down when they happen.

This one tip alone will change your life. And if you’re already doing well, set you off to the next level.

Tip #2: What you give—you get.

When you remember how everything is connected you are empowered by realizing even small actions you do, or even the small thoughts you have, have an effect on the world around you.

Everything being connected carries with it other natural laws you can benefit from.

One of the most important realizing that if everything is connected, then that means everything is in a rhythm of give and take. Ebb and flow.

You can see this natural law in your life easily.

There are times in your life where money comes easily, and times where money leaves easily.

Times others come into your life easily, and times others leave easily.

The quality of your thoughts affects this natural flow. Affecting what you get, and what you give. And like a tide, the more you give the more you get. There is always a balance.

The only way everything in the universe can be intrinsically connected, is if there is a precious balance and homeostasis, which keeps all forces in order — in equilibrium.

Tip #3: You attract what you are.

Your being is what the quality of your connection to everything and everyone else is. What subtle cues are you giving off to others? What vibrations are you emanating for the sensitive? What are you attracting?

It’s common, especially in today’s masculine work culture, where performance and productivity is prioritized above all else, to forget the very simple fact that: at all times you are attracting what comes next in your life.

You cannot predict what happens next, but you can know that how you are now, will attract what happens next.

If you forget you are creating your own universe, and let yourself fall into ruts of self-destructive thinking — self-destruction is what you will get.

If you want to change your life, just do this consistently. If your thoughts run rampant, start writing down new thoughts. This will slow you down, allow you to focus, and set a precedent for the rest of the day.

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